The next book is called “The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky & Death” and it will be published by Doubleday in May of 2014.

Book tour info is here. Come on out!

It is non-fiction. You can pre-order it at these nice places:




Barnes and Noble

It takes off from my journey to the 2011 World Series of Poker, when I represented my homeland, the Republic of Anhedonia, in the biggest card game of the year. You can read the first section here. (The other parts of the original story will re-appear in the book.) Much thanks to Grantland for sending me there.

To the right, you can see some of the posters Doubleday came up with, courtesy of the Republic of Anhedonia’s Board of Tourism.

Here’s me talking about the book & wild turkeys on Marfa Public Radio.

Here’s some sneak peak hot excerpt action in Harper’s.

Publishers Weekly gives it a starred review: “The eternal tension between good luck and remorseless odds animates this loose-limbed jaunt through the world of high-stakes poker...Whitehead serves up an engrossing mix of casual yet astute reportage and hang-dog philosophizing, showing us that, for all of poker’s intricate calculations and shrewd stratagems, everything still hangs on the turn of a card.”

Bookforum likes it, says The Noble Hustle “captures this manic Jonestown reenactment as well as any book I’ve read about the game...He is looking aside from death, his true dark subject, in the hope of actually glimpsing it. In Vegas, he just may have.” Heavy!

Library Journal made it a spring pick.

Bookpage called it one of the most anticipated books of 2014.